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The Runes of War : Book 1

The Runes of War : Book 1

Author: Jane Welch


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The citadel of Torra Alta, won a millennium before from the indigenous dragons, is under attack. The Vaalakan army from the north, led by warrior-priest Morbak, draws near. The Runes of War, hidden for many centuries must be unearthed to protect the civilized lands of the south.

Torra Alta is under attack. Threatened by a new ice age, the barbaric tribes of the vast Northern Trunda join forces under the bloody rule of warrior chief Morbak to form the Vaalakan army. As they set out to achieve dominion of the world, only the frontier castle of Torra Alta stands in their way.

For a thousand years Torra Alta has stood triumphant and unconquerable, perched on a pillar of rock where dragons once had their lair. As Baron Branwolf prepares his defences, ominous sounds emerge from the labyrinth of dragon-built tunnels beneath the castle. Against the baron's orders, his son, Caspar, accompanies the party despatched to seal off the tunnels.

When Caspar discovers an ancient dragon's hoard of treasure, the magical light of a moonstone proves too tempting and Caspar takes it. But alas, it is no ordinary moonstone - it is the Druid's Eye, and if it falls into the wrong hands, Morbak will be invincible. Only the long -abandoned Runes of War can save Torra Alta, and only Caspar with his newfound power, can find them ...

About the Book

Author: Jane Welch

Series: Runes of War: The Book of Torra Alta : Book 1

Page count: 512

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780008614669

Publication date: 9th November 2023


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